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Capital Adequacy

Services to Credit Institutions and Investment Firms


Uncertainty regarding the timing and speed of economic recovery continues to underscore the importance of capital adequacy. As boards of directors look for ways to increase the resilience of their companies, supervisors have also stepped up their scrutiny of banks’ and other financial service providers’ internal capital assessment and planning processes.

The concept of capital adequacy has evolved from a point-in-time measurement for short-term solvency to a planning and risk management approach critical to managing the ongoing health of an organization. This shift requires thinking about capital management over a longer time horizon and in a more dynamic context. Examiners expect organizations’ business plans to be supported by robust capital planning and management.

We are well positioned to provide comprehensive expertise on capital planning and management. Our experts’ deep knowledge of the financial sector industry allows for the development of  improvement programs consistent with best-in-class capital management solutions.

Our Capital Planning and Analysis services fall into three broad areas of expertise: