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Regulatory Compliance

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EU, UK and US policymakers have responded to the financial crisis with a host of new laws, rulemakings and guidance. Regulators have written several hundred rules and conduct dozens of studies, effectively compressing the volume of rule making usually occurring over decades into a few years of tremendous activity.

International regulatory bodies have also been busy implementing broad policy changes, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Basel III framework and the Financial Stability Board’s work on Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions.  These policy changes will reshape the regulatory and business landscape of financial services companies for years to come.  It is critical that companies be aware of these changes, understand the impact on their businesses, and formulate strategies in response.

We can help clients understand and respond to these changes. Our team has the experience and necessary expertise to provide timely insights into regulatory expectations, areas of debate, and current trends. We provide specialized advice in managing change in Regulation and Supervision, and maintaining compliance with new regulations.

Key regulatory changes include:

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